Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I need to vent about something right now. My best friend around here, besides sabrina always, is rachel. Shes the only person i've found at college who i have made a true bond with, we love eachother and have a blast whenever we get together. She is just one of those firends where...we are on the same wavelength. I dont really meet alot of people who have the same humor, and interests, and tastes as i do especially not all at one which is just why i value her and Is friendship so much. She doesnt at all which is apparent when i decide not resist making efforts to see her and see that that comes to no contact in almost a month. ANYWAY the point is that she and I have been talking about living together at school next year, which would help our seeing-eachother issues since all her time is spent at rehearsals, work, school, and with Joel.... last week we were sending eachother links of apartments and whatnot, finding cool places close by that werent too expensive. I know shed rather live with me than her current roomate who is honestly just a boring annoying girl. THEN today i just get a text message from her saying, simply, Natalie youre going to hate me, today lauren and I signed a lease on an apartment. 

what, the, fuck. i mean.... no fucking phone calls nothing what so ever. i know she could have been hesitant since ive talked so much about transfering next year and that i dont need a place for the summer like she does BUT HOW DO YOU NOT EVEN CALL TO TELL ME WHAT WAS GOING ON. i really need to stop expecting shit from people. everyone in my life is constantly fucking letting me down im so fucking sick of it.


  1. That is not one bit okay, no notice what so ever? Everyone is always looking out for their best interest, not too many times do people stop and think about who and what their decisions effect, I don't get it either.

  2. girl i so know what this is like and it SUXxXxX. just transfer to somewhere in philly and live with me and my boooos.